Two lovely wrestlers are back to provide a demonstration of KO holds featuring moves picked by their fans in this sequel to the first “HAT TRICK” video!  This time around the voluptuous CHRISTINA CARTER takes on the dazzling REYA FETT.  Both ladies are very excited about the video and having an opportunity to work together.  Christina is up first, drawing out a slip of paper with the fan requested move from the hat on the floor and in no time at all poor Reya is trapped in a perfectly applied Sleeperhold!  The brunette beauty fades away and Christina happily claims a pin and victory pose.

Reya is more than ready to take her turn for the second demonstration but after she picks her slip of paper is confused on how to do the hold.  Luckily, Christina is more than willing to help her out and before Reya can argue she is subjected to a TEMPLE DRILL that has her convulsing and her tongue lolling out of her mouth.  Another pin and pose for Christina, who is clearly enjoying herself at this point!

It’s Christina’s turn again and the groggy Reya has no choice but to allow the buxom brunette to apply the requested move, this time a reverse headscissor transitioning into a reverse figure four headscissor that saps Reya’s consciousness away and leaves her in perfect position for Christina’s pin and victory pose.  Poor Reya gets her chance again, her slip of paper requesting a nerve claw KO demo but after the punishment she has taken, she just can’t muster the energy to make the hold work on Christina.  Not one to let the fans down, Christina puts in the extra effort to do her own demo of the hold on Reya, once again putting her out and posing prettily after a full body pin.

Reya is a loopy and groggy mess on the couch as Christina draws the next requested hold, a reverse straddle choke! Reya actually puts up a bit of a fight, holding on longer than one would expect but the outcome is never in doubt.  Following the obligatory pin and pose, Christina wakes Reya up so she can take her turn but at this point the poor girl can’t even crawl to the hat.  Christina helps her out and draws the slip of paper but Reya is too destroyed to even read it.  Not to worry though, Christina Carter always goes the extra mile for her friends and to satisfy the fans.  A dragon sleeper on the couch puts Reya mercifully back to sleep only for Christina to roll her onto the floor and fold her up for a cheeky SPANISH PRESS pin.

The demonstration over, Christina is kind enough to provide a post-match interview since neither her nor Sleeperkid could wake up poor Reya.  However, as Christina gives the interview, Reya stirs and snaps on a tight sleeperhold, slowly wearing Christina down and giving her a taste of her own medicine!  Her demo partner now sleeping peacefully on the floor, Reya gets the chance for payback, gaining a ten count with a school girl pin and a victory pose of her own.  She may have only demonstrated one hold but there is no doubt that it’ll be a memorable one for both the fans…and Christina Carter!


Length: 18 min

Price: 15.99