We fade in on the beautiful (and powerful) Jordynne Grace listening to a very threatening voice mail from Saharra Huxly, who vows to make a name for herself by destroying the pro superstar.  Jordynne grins and mocks the message, until Saharra announces that she’s sending her “friend” over to soften her up.  Before Jordynne can figure out what that means, the friend attacks…and it’s KRISTIE ETZOLD!  Kristie traps the youngster in a powerful sleeper hold thjat leaves her out cold…and open for one hell of a KO squash!


sleeper hold
arm checks
belly attacks
snap mares
hair mare
instant replays
standing bearhug KO
skull crusher KO
double jab to the carotid artery KO
tongue protrusion
forearm smashes to the face
multiple axe-handle blows to the skull
leg drops to the throat and back of the neck
triangle chokeout KO
MMA glove blows to the belly
uppercut gloved KO
rights and lefts to the jaw
jaw punch KO
reverse neckscissors KO

Kristie is DONE with her prey and goes for the pin…but JORDYNNE KICKS OUT!!!!

Stunned, Kristie goes for another attack but Jordynne slams punches into her belly!  She then traps Kristie in an over the knee backbreaker (!!!), followed by a sleeper hold KO, flying/running snapmare KOs, and her OWN reverse neckscissors for the final KO…and the PIN!!!

Your winner:  JORDYNNE GRACE…though we have a feeling this tale has YET to end, folks!!


Length: 33 min

Price: 25.99