Two astounding matches, both featuring SKW favorite Helena as she takes her opponents down…and OUT!

Part one:  vs Caliente and Fiorella Fuego!
We fade in on the lovely Helena in mid match with Fiorella, who’s trapped in a brutal camel clutch!  Helena pushes her advantage, slamming the sexy Latina against the wall and working over her belly. She adds a snap mare and a powerful sleeper KO right before scoring the pin and victory pose!  Unfortunately for Helena, Fiorella’s buddy  Raquel (AKA WOW’s “Caliente”) enters and attacks, working Helena over with a reverse bearhug as Fiorella comes to.  The two West Coast fighters take turns pounding Helena’s belly, nailing a double choke and belly blows against the wall, leglocks/choke, a double bow and arrow, double scissors, double boston crab, belly splashes, leg drops, leg whips, a double clothesline, back to back sleeper hold KOs, and a final suplex attempt…one that Helena reverses with a beautiful swing out DDT!!  Furious, Helena attacks with dual single leg boston crabs and a sudden DOUBLE stunner KO that leaves her opponents out and ready for a double pin!

Part two: Helena vs Lady Jane
Helena DOMINATES jobber girl extraordinaire Lady Jane when she catches her talking trash about her in the SKW mat room!  Included in her attacks:

stunner KO
leg nelson
X-Factor KO
belly splashes to a KO
bearhug KO
belly punches
snap mare
body scissors
arm lock
baby swing
camel clutch
sleeper hold KO
fake pin
hair pulling
choke slam KO
arm wringer/armlock
bow and arrow
armlock/neckscissors final KO
final pin/victory pose


Length: 25 min

Price: 18.99