The hatred between SUMIKO and NICOLE ORING is well documented here at SKW and as this clip opens, the two rivals are in the midst of an furious biting, clawing, and hairpulling catfight!!!!  SLEEPERKID walks in and tries to break them up as they are scheduled for a photo shoot in the Jacuzzi but the ladies are not having and continue to go after one another despite his protestations.  What is a producer to do?

Well, at SKW at least, there are ways of calming down the talent and what better way than to piledrive them into a more docile state?  Sleeperkid proceeds to DESTROY both bikini clad beauties with repeated piledrivers in an attempt to calm them down and talk sense into them but every time he wakes them up, they still are determined to keep their fight going.

Tombstones, Small Package, and traditional Piledrivers are used again and again (over a DOZEN) on each lady but even once they have been reduced to twitching ragdolls, both Sumiko and Nicole groggily try to go after one another each time they awaken!  At one point Sleeperkid even uses a piledriver on Sumiko and lets her body flop down into a splash on Nicole (an awesome move caught with an INSTANT REPLAY)!

A double Sleeperhold knockout finally gets the two of them docile but it takes a final Tombstone (in which each girl is given a turn being piledriven ONTO her enemy’s belly) to put them down for the night.  Frustrated, Sleeperkid decides to just let the two of them sleep it off until their match the next day and walks off to take a well-earned dip in the Jacuzzi by himself!!!



Length: 13 min

Price: 10.99