The Far Beyond Driven series continues with two incredible matches, all featuring our grapplers in bikinis and pro style boots!

First SKW’s favorite blonde beauty ANNE MARIE takes on the ravishing MAYHEM! This match is set for a ten minute time limit with wrestler scoring the most knock outs followed by a three count pin within that time frame taking the win! Things get off to a vicious start however as the first round has barely begun before Mayhem catches Anne Marie with a lightning fast boot to the face that leaves her easy prey for a piledriver and pin, giving her the first point of the contest!

Mayhem proceeds to take the next FOUR falls, utterly annihilating her opponent and putting her out with a traditional piledriver, THREE consecutive tombstone piledrivers, a bearhug knockout, and a seated Sleeperhold respectively!  With the score 5-0, it looks like Mayhem is going to take a clean sweep in this contest.

But you can never count a veteran like Anne Marie out and she manages to fight back and get on the board, weakening Mayhem with some forearm shots and a clothesline before using a piledriver of her own to pick up the pin and her first point.

Sadly, in her effort to keep up the momentum Anne Marie runs SMACK into a second big boot from Mayhem at the start of the sixth fall that lays her out. She is utterly helpless as Mayhem subjects her to a back to back double whammy of a traditional piledriver followed by a tombstone piledriver. Mayhem takes the pin, the point, and the entire match! INCLUDES ALTERNATE TAKES/OUTTAKES!


Next up is a blast from the past as it is the HISTORIC first match up between SUMIKO and JINX!  Additionally, the winner will receive a $5000 reward put up by the fans, giving both ladies an extra incentive in this no holds barred match that can only be ended by a KO and five count pin!

The intensity is palpable between our two grapples as they lock up and Sumiko takes control. She drives Jinx to the wall and works her over with punches, knees, and a devastating wall splash that drops Jinx to the mat.  Sumiko is full of trash talk as she hits a series of splashes and then a series of body slams that soften up her opponent.  She goes for the pin but Jinx manages to kick out at four.   In desperation she yanks Jinx up and tries to set her up for a piledriver but Jinx is able to shove her off.

Now Jinx takes over and she proves that she can dish it out just as well as she can take it, using much of the same offense Sumiko had been using on her! She goes for her own piledriver and DRILLS Sumiko into the mat, leaving her twitching!  Instead of going for the pin, Jinx pulls her up and delivers another and then pulls her groggy opponent to her feet yet again, attempting a Small Package piledriver this time.

However even in her damaged condition Sumiko is able to reverse the attempt and nails a piledriver of her own, followed immediately by another! She goes for the pin but once again only gets the 4 count! She drags Jinx up only to receive a low blow from her opponent that allows Jinx to shock her with a fast tombstone piledriver.  Jinx gets a near fall and goes for a second tombstone!

Sumiko’s grit and experience show through as she is able to kick her legs and reverse the tombstone, planting Jinx into the mat! Taking no chances after this back and forth battle, she subjects Jinx to two more back to back piledrivers, and a final Small Package piledriver.  Jinx is nothing but a rag doll as Sumiko folds her unconscious opponent’s arms over her chest and finally gets her five count pin!  She strikes a victory pose over poor Jinx, leaving us to wonder if she is dreaming of what she would have done with the reward money had won!



Length: 26 min

Price: 18.99