The continuation of the great series brings us two separate matches jam packed with Pile Driver themed action featuring IVY SLOAN taking on SUMIKO and CAMERON taking on LADY JANE!

Match 1:

Decked out in bikinis and boots, Ivy and Sumiko are more than ready to engage in this no holds barred match where the winner will be determined by a five count pin!  The two dynamos trade holds and blows back and forth with each having their moment to shine and  we see each lady making use of standard, small package, and tombstone piledrivers in their attempts to win the match.  However, it is the back to back combo of a standard piledriver followed immediately by a devastating tombstone used by Sumiko that are finally able to keep Ivy down for the count after this hard fought battle!


Match 2:

From the SKW vaults, this “Piledrivers Only Challenge” sees the always dangerous Cameron taking on relative new comer Lady Jane.  Each piledriver resulting in a KO (verified by 3 arm drops) will result in a point with the most points in the time limit winning the entire match.

Lady Jane wants this win badly and aggressively goes after Cameron with a headlock but she can only maintain it for a moment before her wily opponent drives her into the wall and starts to work over her belly.  A snap mare and camel clutch weaken her further before Cameron earns the first point with a standard piledriver.  From here on out, it is ALL Cameron as she ANNIHILATES Lady Jane with no less than TEN MORE PILEDRIVERS, to include tombstones and small package variations.  Lady Jane never even comes close to putting up a fight and we end this destruction with Cameron striking a victory pose over her outmatched opponent.



Length: 23 min

Price: 16.99