The sibling rivalry between Helena and her sister Katja continues!  These two ladies have a long history on the mat as team mates but today they face each other as opponents in a multi round match where a specific hold must be utilized in order to win.  Following that hold a 3 count pin will be required to earn the point for that round with the first sister to reach four points winning this best of seven falls match.  Sleeperkid is on hand to serve as our referee as we kick things off.

Round One: Sleeperhold

Katja gains the early advantage with an X-Factor that knocks Helena silly and immediately clamps on an incredibly tight Sleeperhold!  Helena struggles valiantly, turning beet red as her sister pours on the pressure but the hold is just too tight.  Katja puts her out and gets an easy pin to take the first point. Winner: Katja

Round Two: Implant DDT

Helena is able to shake off the cobwebs as the two lock up, driving Katja against the wall and working her over with some strikes before following up with a snap mare that leaves Katja dazed.  Helena wastes no time in pulling her sister up and DRILLING her to the mat with the Implant DDT to even up the score. Winner: Helena

Round Three: Leg Drop

Katja is far from over however and as we start this round forces Helena to the wall for some payback.  A few body punches soften her up enough for Katja to land an awesome wall splash that puts Helena on the mat and makes her easy prey for a series of SEVEN brutal leg drops to her already weakened belly and a pin from Katja who regains the lead. Winner: Katja

Round Four: Clothesline

Helena wants to even the score and comes out aggressively in this round, landing a solid kick to the midsection and then slamming her sister’s face to the mat.  A series of body splashes follow and then Helena clamps on a tight headscissor that has Katja reeling.  Helena is so bent on destroying her sister she needs to be reminded that if she wants the point she needs to win via clothesline!  She lets the groggy Katja get to her feet before leveling her with a running clothesline and covering her for the equalizing pin! Winner: Helena

 Round Five: Bearhug

As we begin this round Katja rushes Helena and immediately scoops her up in her powerful arms for a lifting Bearhug!  She easily walks around the mats as she crushes the life out of her sister before dropping her to the mat like a rag doll and taking back a one point lead with the pin. Winner: Katja

Round Six: Neck scissors

It looks like Katja might end the match right her as she takes advantage of Helena’s weakened state and drives her down to the mat with a belly punch and some double ax handle strikes to the back before applying a neck scissor but the crafty SKW vet is able to counter with one of her own, leading to both sisters in a Double Neck Scissor that forces both to drift to unconsciousness.  SK has no choice but to count both wrestlers out and award no points.

Round Seven: Pain KO

SK gives us the tally as this is Helena’s chance to tie things up and take us into sudden death or Katja’s opportunity to win it all.  For this last round a submission hold that forces your opponent to pass out from the pain will be required.  The two sisters tie up and trade arm locks back and forth in a struggle for dominance but a reversal by Katja leaves Helena face down on the mat. Katja quickly tangles her taller sister’s legs up in a perfect Indian Death Lock and then adds a chin lock to send the pain levels through the roof!  Helena tries to resist but the pain is just too much and her body give out on her.  SK takes a moment to check her arm but it is clear that this lady is out cold.  Katja takes a preemptive victory pose before going for the final pin and then takes another as she gains a hard fought victory.



Length: 11 min

Price: 8.99