The beautiful Sasha Fae takes on the Kid himself in this “His and Hers” Piledrivers/Sleepers battle.  Sasha starts off strong, tossing SK across the room with a snap mare and trapping him in a sleeper hold.  SK counters with a sudden face rake and it’s ALL downhill for Sasha as the Kid makes an example out of the visiting wrestler.  Sleeperkid adheres to the rules using sleeper holds and a variety of PILEDRIVER KOs to slowly wear down and destroy the beautiful brunette!

SK delivers classic piledrivers and tombstones in between his trademark sleeper holds, going for pin after pin until he’s finally satisfied.  A final over the shoulder victory pose seals the deal, with the lovely Sasha completely OUT COLD and limp in SK’s grip!


Length: 14 min

Price: 10.99