EXHAUSTION: bonus battle

In this recently re-discovered SKW classic, we fade in on SKW legends Cameron and Sumiko, stumbling into the mat room after what’s apparently been a massive battle.  Both ladies are completely exhausted and barely able to attack…but attack they do, exchanging blows and KOs until one lady FINALLY keeps her opponent down for the final pin, only to promptly pass out on top of her!


“tired/exhausted” performances
belly punching
hand chokes
eye rolling
sleeper hold KOs
leg drops to the throat
leg drops to the back of the neck
multiple belly splashes
wall punching
knees to the gut
missed wall splash
body piles
face punches
neck pinch KO
overkill KO attacks
reverse bearhug
double chop to the neck KO
suplex KO
barrage of belly splashes
final sleeper hold KO
victory pose
faint/body splash


Length: 20 min

Price: 14.99