NINETY minutes of kickass footage at a VERY SPECIAL LOW PRICE!  Starring SK, Lacey, Sumiko, and Sapphire in THREE epic beatdown clips!

There are some of you who have been waiting a long time for this.  Waiting for the chance to watch SLEEPERKID take a beating for a change, and by God: THIS is the release for you!   We have THREE amazing customs featuring SK losing at the hands of three amazing fighters (Sapphire, Lacey, and Sumiko).  Whether decked out as Superman vs Sapphire, having Sumiko reverse his boxing beatdown, or just having Lacey DEMOLISH him after a short lead, these three customs feature TONS of submissions and KOs…all rained down on the boss man’s head!!!!

Clip lengths:

LACEY vs SK – 33 min
SUMIKO vs SK – 26 min
SAPPHIRE vs SK – 31 min


atomic drops
face punches
low blows
multiple KOs
chloroform KO
test of strength
belly punching
front sleeper KO
eye gouging
wall slams
belly attacks
sleeper holds
belly claw
full weight belly stands
double handed choke
bow and arrow
head biting
hand smother
guillotine choke
boot choke
double hand smother
camel clutch
clutch smother KO
reverse bearhug
body scissors crossface
jaw punches
low blow KOs
pins/victory poses
kryptonite spray
rope chokeout
syringe drug attack
temple trill KO
boxing blows
boxing KOs
dragon sleeper
boxing match: Sumiko vs SK
SK dominates at first with various blows and a KO
Sumiko sneak attacks
various boxing blows from Sumiko
multiple punches and kicks from Sumiko
punch knockdowns and KOs
floor punches
knee drops
running snapmares
neck scissors
lotus lock
knee strikes to the jaw
belly splashes
push up neckscissors KO
final punch barrage
split pin
and more…



Length: 90 min

Price: 31.99