Recorded back when Devon was about to take a massive hiatus from SKW, we fade in on the veteran wrestler reminiscing about her start…when she’s suddenly attacked by the lovely Ivy Sloan!   A chloroform-soaked rag puts Devon to sleep as her new opponent decides to make a name for herself by destroying an SKW legend!   Ivy takes Devon apart via:

chloroform KO
figure four neckscissors / neck drop KO
multiple face f*cker slams
belly punching
knees to the gut
wall splash KO
multiple  cartwheel splashes to a KO
stunner KO

Devon manages to land a quick low blow, however…and takes Ivy down a few notches with a DDT, sleeper hold KO, and an attempted mile high splash that misses when Ivy rolls out of the way!  The furious blonde slams Devon’s head into a nearby stool and traps her in a standing Octopus lock, followed by her own sleeper hold KO.  It’s during the sleeper that Ivy starts to rethink her attack…remembering how much she actually respects the SKW vet.  She starts to feel remorse as she drops Devon with a piledriver KO and her patented IVY SPLASH off the top of the stool!  Devon is out COLD but Ivy is now conflicted.  She goes for the pin and makes it to 9…  She can’t seem to finish the pin, until Devon wakes up and grabs her hand, slamming it to the mats for the final count.  In trying to take her down, Ivy has earned Devon’s respect!  The two make their way to their feet and share a final tearful embrace (not staged) as we fade to black.


Length: 14 min

Price: 11.99