DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twenty two

The SKW Title is on the line against not one but TWO visiting pros as the SKW Champion SAPPHIRE puts her belt up for grabs against both RAIN and NIKKI ROXX!!!

In our first match we open to Sapphire and Rain getting the rules from SK. It’ll be one round to a ten count pin for the title. Both ladies are confident but as SK counts them down to begin Rain gets the jump on the champ…literally, as she hops on Sapphire’s and clamps on a piggy back sleeper that saps her energy and soon has her out cold on the mats!  Rain can’t believe it was so easy to beat the champ and immediately goes for the pin but a groggy Sapphire is able to kick out at 4. Rain keeps things firmly in her control though, brutalizing the brunette with a face slam into the wall and then goes to work on her legs and back with a Boston Crab and Texas Cloverleaf before a fast X Factor earns her another near fall but Sapphire stays in it.

Rain is clearly getting frustrated and pulls out all the stops with a DDT and Code Breaker but even these only get her a 9 count. She lines Sapphire up on the wall for a running splash but the Champ can’t even stand and falls out of the way, leaving Rain to smash into the wall and knock herself silly!  This was the break Sapphire needed and she takes full advantage, going after Rain with a barrage of strikes up against the wall and then a seated Sleeperhold to sap some of her energy.  The thought of being so close to losing her title must have lit a fire under her because the Champ throws EVERYTHING at Rain, from body slams, splashes, and torture racks to multiple piledrivers and a Code Breaker of her own.  She yanks the challenger to her feet and delivers a devastating SAPPHIRE BOMB that makes the ten count pin a certainty.  Sapphire prepares to take her victory pose over the defeated Rain when suddenly she is blindsided by NIKKI ROXX! Apparently Nikki is upset that Sapphire not only defeated her friend but also that she is using Nikki’s finisher (The Barbie Buster) as her own!! She immediately demands that Sleeperkid set up a title match.  We are left with Sapphire looking like anything but a champion, laid out on the mat next to her belt and with a vicious new challenger waiting in the wings….


Match Two

We open on Sapphire being interviewed by SK about what happened in her match with Rain and the Champ is furious about Nikki Roxx’ involvement.  However, just like before, Nikki rushes in and blindsides Sapphire, then snatches up the SKW Title belt and clocks her with that as well.  She immediately goes for the needed ten count pin but showing just how tough she is, Sapphire is able to kick out.

Nikki seems to have a definite plan in this match and she goes to work hard on Sapphire’s back and core with brutal kicks, elbows, and knee drops.  Then she begins the submission holds, using a Bow and Arrow, seated Octopus Hold (with added elbow strikes to Sapphire’s side), Belly Claws, Knee on Belly pressure, and a Surfboard.  Sapphire is definitely in big trouble as the challenger uses a stunner to lay her out and go for the pin.  But Nikki definitely seems to want to make this personal and she breaks her own pin attempt in order to dish out more punishment.

She drags Sapphire to her feet and batters the champ with a spinning double axe handle before going back to work on her midsection by drilling her knee into the Champ’s belly.  A series of forearms and a spinning forearm smash leave Sapphire unable to stop Nikki as she hoists her up and delivers a Barbie Buster, perhaps intending to humiliate her by defeating her with her own finisher! Nikki goes for the count and gets the wi…NO! Sapphire kicks out at 9!

Nikki can’t believe and drags Sapphire up, setting her up for another Barbie Buster and certain defeat but the Champ makes use of her powerful legs, clamping them hard around Nikki’s waist to counter the hold and wear her down, then cinching on a guillotine choke as well that forces Nikki to accept an unwelcomed nap.

They say you should never hunt what you can’t kill and Nikki’s sneak attacks and brutality may have hurt her but the Champ is not only back in the game…she is pissed!  She tears into Nikki with stomps, kicks, knees, and punches before breaking out the high impact moves. A stunner leads to a Fishman’s Neck breaker and then a bow and arrow and torture rack that have Nikki howling in pain.  But the Champ is far from finished with her rival.

A seated sleeper hold saps whatever energy Nikki may have had left and leaves her easy prey for a piledriver, followed by a brutal tombstone.  Sapphire even grabs her title and DRILLS Nikki’s head into it with another tombstone.  The end is nigh for the challenger but Sapphire still shows no mercy, nailing not one but TWO SAPPHIRE BOMBS that end not only Nikki’s consciousness but also any hopes at the SKW Title as Sapphire picks up a hard fought and emotional victory!



Length: 34 min

Price: 24.99