DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twenty three

SAPPHIRE is back to take on yet another challenger to her SKW title!!!  However, she is more than a little bit upset at who she is being challenged by. You see, Sapphire doesn’t think JADE INDICA, popular fetish model that she is, is a worthy challenger to her title. She wants to face a real wrestler.

Jade hears all this before quickly attacking Sapphire from behind and locking her in a shoulder breaking crucifix, then pulling her over for a pin.  Sapphire kicks out at two but Jade immediately presses the attack with a spectacular flying headscissor! Clearly Sapphire has underestimated her opponent and before she can even react the diminutive brunette has trapped her in a reverse figure four headscissor that slowly turns out the lights on the champion!

Jade wastes no time in going for the pin but Sapphire won’t go down that easy and manages to kick out at 8.  Trying to finish her off quickly with a piledriver but lacks the power to get her up and the Champ reverse and drills Jade into the mat.

Perhaps it was the fact that she just nearly lost her title to a “mere fetish model”, but Sapphire is furious and from here on out the match is little more than an exercise in how much punishment poor Jade can stand.  She is put through hold after hold, KO after KO until Sapphire shows the smallest modicum of mercy and finishes Jade off with a devastating Sapphire bomb, followed by a ten count match book pin!!!

The title securely hers once again, it looks like Sapphire has something in special in store for Jade though to remind her what happens when a fetish model tries to take on the Champ…



Flying Headscissor
Reverse Figure Four Headscissor KO
Boston Crab
Crippler Cross Face
Torture Rack
Face plant KO
Lifting Bearhug KO
Spinning Slam KO
Asian Spike strike KO
Multiple Suplexes
Inverted Atomic Drop
Atomic Drop
Deri-“air” KO pose
Fisherman Neck Breaker KO
Widow’s Peak KO
Tombstone Piledriver
Sapphire Bomb


Length: 19 min

Price: 15.99