DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twenty one

TWO AMAZING MATCHES featuring SKW champ SAPPHIRE vs three seasoned pro stars!

Match # 1:  Sapphire vs April Hunter


April sneak attacks, dropping Sapphire with forearms, hair mare, stomp, belly claw, belly punching, camel clutch, arm lock, and a powerful bearhug.  Sapphire retaliates with a sudden front sleeper that puts April OUT!

The next round begins and April starts of in control again, dominating Sapphire with elbow smashes, a suplex, surfboard, belly blows, groin stomps, guillotine, hair mares, reverse headlock, and chest slaps, with the champ suddenly returning the favor and taking April by surprise with a sudden DOUBLE hand smother for an eyerolling KO!

Sapphire holds the smother on for an eternity, making sure April is out cold before locking on a completely limp full nelson, just to make sure. A final pin seals the deal and Sapphire retains her belt!

Match # 2: Sapphire vs Amber O’Neal and Kristin Flake

Tag team partners Amber O’Neal and Kristin stretch on the mats as they talk smack about the SKW champ…who suddenly runs in and nails a DOUBLE running snap mare!   Sapphire goes to town, destroying both ladies and showing some serious dominance via:

belly splashes
sleeper hold KOs
forced wall smash
belly punches
double wall splash
double DDT KO
TOMBSTONE piledriver KOs
back to back SAPPHIRE BOMBS!
body pile and double pin!


Length: 22 min

Price: 16.99