DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twenty four

SKW Champion SAPPHIRE puts her title on the line against the always formidable KERI SPECTRUM in this outstanding pro style battle!!!

There is no nonsense or mind games as we start this match, with both of these ladies ready for business!  Keri takes control early and nails a sudden running bulldog that nearly scores her a fast upset but Sapphire won’t go down that easy.  The blonde doesn’t let up on the Champ though, whipping her to the wall and giving her a thorough working over before swinging DDT nearly puts Sapphire’s lights out again!

Keri wastes no time in pulling her up and trying to end this with a piledriver but Sapphire manages a Hail Mary reversal that turns the tide of the match.  Sapphire is known to be a slow starter but once she gets in gear it is hard to stop her, as Keri comes to learn all too well.

Sapphire more than returns the favor of Keri’s early success with multiple high impact moves that repeatedly knock Keri out.  Everything from Skull Vice’s and X factors to Lifting Bearhugs and Sleeperholds are used to wear down the experienced grappler as Sapphire slowly reduces her proud challenger to ragdoll status.  A brutal series of Piledrivers soften the statuesque blonde up to the point that she has no way to stomp the Champ’s signature Sapphire Bomb and follow on ten count pin!  Sapphire takes a quick victory pose but decides that such a worthy challenger deserves a little more punishment, using her title belt to smash Keri in the face before scooping her up in a dominating over the shoulder carry that leaves no question where the SKW title belongs!



Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99