We fade in on pro star Jessie Belle and SKW fighter Alisa Kiss, decked out in tight jeans and boots. Moments before a multi fall KOs/pins battle!  The action is fast, brutal, and decisive…but only ONE lady will be left standing as our cameras (and her opponent) fade to black!

Here’s the breakdown:

Round One: Alisa spins and immediately traps Jessie in a tight sleeper hold that puts the pro out, following up with multiple belly splashes in order to score the pin/victory pose!

Round Two: Jessie wins a test of strength, following up with belly attacks and a sudden SPINE BUSTER that flattens Alisa. Jessie finishes her off with an inverted neck scissors KO for the pin and victory pose!

Round Four: Jessie sweeps Alisa’s legs and applies a brutal figure four leglock, but Alisa reverses it and takes control via a set of face kicks and a final GROUND kick to the jaw for the win!

Round Four: Jessie traps Alisa in a bearhug that knocks the blonde fighter out cold!  Alisa stirs as Jessie decides to win the round with a vise-like sleeper hold, leading to the pin and victory pose!

Round Five: The girls lock up but Jessie slams Alisa into the wall after a knee to the gut. She nails sevreal wall splashes but an exhausted Alisa drops at the last second.  Jessie slams her skull into the wall, leading to a double KO.  Alisa makes it up and goes for an exhausted pin but passes out before she can hit the 10 count!   Result: DRAW.

Round six:  Alisa gets the jump on Jessie and knocks her out with a reverse neckscsissors.  She refuses to go for the pin, however, and instead attempts a piledriver!   Jessie suddenly lifts Alisa up and nails a brutal REVERSE piledriver for a KO.   Furious, Jessie decides to finish her opponent off  with a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver and an Undertaker-style pin for the final pin/victory pose!

YOUR WINNER: Jessie Belle!



Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99