We fade in as the stunning Jacquelyn Velvets decides to make a confession to all of her adoring fans.  Turns out there’s a part of her that really ENJOYS being the jobber in her wrestling matches, especially when it comes to taking multiple KNOCKOUTS throughout her matches.  To prove it, she decides to have the camera man film her as she takes several self-KOs… each time delivering a beautifully over the top performance before collapsing on the mats.  Time and time again, the Sleepy Queen herself dishes out some amazing KOs, leading to a final self-chloroforming that must be seen to be believed!


multiple self-KOs
sleepy talk
eye crossing
tongue protrusion
derri “air” KO pose
blackjack strikes to a KO
chloroform self KO
slurred speech
head slams into the wall
tranquilizer dart KO
boxing glove strikes to the face (laced with chloroform)
drugged syringe KO
final face down self chloroform KO


Length: 17 min

Price: 13.99