It took 8 years but FINALLY Cassidy makes a return to SKW! We start with a flash back to several years and relive Cassidy’s last match with Anne Marie before snapping back to the present day.  Possibly foreshadowing what is to come, Anne Marie is wearing the same outfit as that fateful match as SK relates to her that there has been a lot of fan mail asking about Cassidy and wondering if maybe Anne Marie is a little afraid about the brunette’s return.  Anne Marie scoffs at the idea, reminding everyone that Cassidy had to sneak attack her to get that win but not noticing Cassidy entering the mat room behind her with an intention to make history repeat itself!!!

Cassidy may have been off the mats for a long time but you would never know it because not only does she look incredible but she hasn’t lost a beat!   She puts Anne Marie through a vicious beat down without letting her longtime rival get in the slightest bit of offense.  Anne Marie manages to stave off defeat and kick out of multiple pin attempts but this only serves to make Cassidy dish out even more punishment.
After a series of piledrivers leave Anne Marie a twitching limp mess on the mat, Cassidy still isn’t finished and snatches up a steel chair to ensure there is NO WAY the tough blonde is kicking out again.  The matchbook pin that follows is merely a technicality as Cassidy gains an easy ten count and enjoys a victory pose.  But something tells me these two ladies will meet again….

Face Punch KO
Belly Punching
Snap Mare
Belly Splashes
Vertical Suplex
Leg Drops
Swing Out Leaping DDT
Sleeper hold KO
X Factor
Pile Driver
Tombstone Piledriver
Small Package Piledriver
Steel Chair



LENGTH:  15 min

PRICE:  12.99