A blast from the past featuring the incredible CAMERON, ELIZA, IVY SLOAN, and TRACY JORDAN!!!

Cameron has agreed to take on all three of these formidable opponents in a daunting Gauntlet match! First she will take on each girl individually.  If any one of them can pin her, they win for their entire team.  However if Cameron can defeat all three, they will get a second chance to take her on all at the same time. With rules like that it is surprising just how confident Cameron is but she seems to have no fear of her three opponents!

Tracy starts things off for her team and they cheer her on as she takes control early with a series of arm wringers and locks.  However, quickly turns the tables and proceeds to demolish Tracy.  She works her over roughly with legs drops and splashes before using a Tombstone and an X Factor to put her down for the count.  She goes for the pin only to humiliate the lovely brunette and pull her up at the count of two to deliver more punishment while her team watches on.  A drilling DDT turns the lights out for good though and Cameron scores the pin, leaving Ivy and Eliza to carry Tracy’s limp body off the mats.

Ivy Sloan is up next and while this seems like a mismatch given the size difference, the spunky blonde comes out strong and jumps on Cameron’s for a piggy back sleeper!  It seems to be working as Cameron is turning purple but the wily veteran counters by squashing Ivy up against the wall to break free.  She then proceeds to punish the bikini clad beauty with a series of suplexes and a piledriver before a modified “Go to Sleep” fireman’s carry into a knee drop puts Ivy out for an easy pin.

Eliza is left on her own and after dragging the unconscious Ivy to lay next to Tracy, it falls to her to win this for her team. Perhaps that desperation is a good thing because she immediately shocks Cameron with a lightning fast CHOKE SLAM! She goes for the cover and the chance to win it all!  1…..2…….KICKOUT!  Eliza tries to capitalize on her momentum with a piledriver but Cameron counters! Perhaps angered at coming so close to defeat, she quickly obliterates Eliza with massive impact moves, drilling her into the mat and robbing her of consciousness before claiming the pin.

We time lapse until all three girls are awaken and now they have the chance to face Cameron all at once!  They circle her like hungry wolves before Tracy and Ivy wisely rush in and grab the blonde bruiser’s arms, giving Eliza the chance to land some body shots.  But Cameron isn’t about to give up now and after a quick kick to the gut knocks Eliza away she immediately KO’s the other two with an incredible double stunner!

With Ivy and Tracy incapacitated, Cameron takes her time before clamping on a fight ending sleeper hold on Eliza that sends the beauty to dreamland.  From there she easily pins the other two defeated girls and claims a victory for the entire Gauntlet match!!  Any win on the SKW mats is impressive but to lay waste to three opponents at the same time? Most Impressive indeed!



Length: 13 min

Price: 8.99