What happens when three lovely bikini clad ladies try to take on Kathy “The Butcher”?  A jobber pile-up of the highest order in this “Highlights” style destruction!

We fade in on the unconscious Anne Marie, Monroe, and Betty Battles stacked up on each other while Kathy relates to SK that a few hours ago these three tried to challenge her and this is the result.  As we roll back the clock to see the captured footage it becomes clear that it will take more than a numerical advantage for the ladies to gain even a little bit of offense against the Butcher.

Instead we are treated to 8 separate scenes of Kathy obliterating her challengers and racking up point after point with each KO.  This match has it all! Multiple power moves ranging from body slams, wall splashes, sleeper holds, strikes, and piledrivers.  Even better, often Kathy uses one lady’s body as a weapon against the others or even forces them to help her in her destruction of their teammates!

Finally, and mercifully, Kathy ends things for her outclassed opposition with a pile up 10 count pin after one of the most unique and creative piledriver scenes you’ll see anywhere!  Giving the story a full wrap around, we end up back where we started with Kathy giving a powerful victory pose.



Length: 22 min

Price: 18.99