BLAKE THE SNAKE: chapter one

Introducing the one…the only….

We fade in on the beautiful Sumiko telling the world how easily she’s going to defeat Saya Savage, who easily sneaks up behind Sumiko and applies a python-like straight jacket double armed choke until Sumiko is OUT!  Saya smiles as she kneels next to Sumiko and calls her new “pet” out to play.  Out comes a massive snake that curls next to Sumiko, who slowly wakes up in horror.  Saya laughs as she wraps Blake’s coils around Sumiko’s neck.  The creature squeezes but manages to trap Saya as well!   The two ladies squirm and struggle until Sumiko makes her way out of Blake’s squeeze, she watches and delights as Saya succumbs to Blake’s pressure, passing out cold.

Thinking she’s found herself a new sidekick, Sumiko poses with Blake, who suddenly turns on her as well!   His coils wrap around Sumiko’s neck  until the beautiful wrestler lays out cold.  Saya comes to and foolishly performs the same victory pose, allowing Blake to strike again!!!   Sumiko comes to and tries to help but the snake is tool fast…and too strong.  He wraps himself around both ladies and refuses to let go until they’re both out COLD.  They come to moments later but another quick squeeze puts them out again, leading to our first ever NON-HUMAN victory pose…courtesy of BLAKE THE SNAKE (cue theme music!!!)!


Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99