We fade in on SKW newcomer TERRA MIZU, looking angelic in all white pro style attire, being interviewed by Sleeper Kid about her plans here at SKW.  Terra is very much looking forward to taking on the best of the best and calls out SKW Sapphire by name, clearly thinking she is already prepared to go straight to the top of the roster.  In walks the devilish Miss JACQUELYN VELVETS, clad all in black and in her “Black Velvets” heel persona, who is more than willing to take on Terra. Terra, however, doesn’t seem to even know who she is and is dismissive of the challenge given the height difference between the two wrestlers.  She even tries to walk away but Black Velvets will have none of that and jumps Terra from behind!

With that attack this ten count pin pro style match begins! Terra manages to escape an early sleeper hold from Black Velvets and proceeds to take control, working her over against the wall, cockily posing during a foot on throat wall choke, and nailing a running wall splash that gains a near fall. Terra then clamps on a sleeper hold that puts the heel into dream land and seemingly unable to stop Terra’s Spanish press pin!

What Terra clearly doesn’t know is that you can NEVER underestimate Black Velvets! Terra’s attempt at a Spanish Press turns into a brutal headscissor that renders the newcomer unconscious and sets the tone for a BRUTAL destruction as Black Velvets proceeds to destroy the angelic Terra! The cruel blonde chokes Terra out with her own hair, brutalizes her with camel clutches and Boston crabs, and repeatedly slams her beautiful face into the wall.  Camel Clutch Sleepers and another Headscissor sap Terra’s life away and leave her helpless.

But Black Velvets is far from finished with her opponent. She pulls out her literal “Bag of Tricks” to further destroy Terra. A black jack to the head knocks her silly (and leaves her in an embarrassing “Deri-air” KO pose) before a length of rope is used to strangle her unconscious.  The worst is yet to come as Black Velvets subjects her to being dog collared and humiliated before that same collar is wrapped around a fist and knocks her unconscious yet again.  This is just the set up for the classic Black Velvet Chloroform Rag and once more poor Terra is sent to the dark embrace of sleep.

One would think that surely Black Velvet’s rage is satisfied at this point…..but no! A final series of steel chair smashes to the face destroy what is left of Terra Mizu and Black Velvets finally claims her pin and victory with a final boot on face pose!  After destruction like this, you can be sure that everyone on the roster will be looking over their shoulder for the next time Black Velvets is around!



Length: 22 min

Price: 16.99