A change of pace for our fans of silly and over the top knockouts featuring the return of the gorgeous HEATHER WEST and the fabulous SUMIKO!!!

Heather and Sumiko are having a boring night at home when Sumiko admits she has a a silly fantasy in which she wishes that real life was more like a cartoon.  Heather agrees that cartoons have it much easier as when they get KO’d, all they have to deal with are seeing stars and pretty birds circling their heads versus the real pain a wrestler normally has to deal with.

The two girls decide to try and hypnotize themselves to react to knockouts like a cartoon and to not feel the pain.  Sumiko goes first and after a short hypno session, Heather puts her through a series of knock out scenarios (frying pan to the head, fainting, door slam to the face) to see how it worked. In each case Sumiko ends up stumbling around and sleepily mumbling about seeing stars and pretty birdies before her eyes cross or roll back and she drifts into unconsciousness.

Seeing how well it’s working, Heather decides to try as well and goes through the same series of tests with similar results.  However now that both of them are hypnotized, they wonder how to reverse the results and go back to normal? Theorizing that if they hypnotize themselves to revert back to normal after a final knockout, they subject themselves to a dual hypno session.  As they fall deeper and deeper under their own spell, they struggle to lift their weapons before striking each other and falling unconscious.

Did the reverse hypnosis work?  We’ll just have to wait and see!

Also included in this awesome and creative video are an Alternate Opening and outtakes!


Length: 19 min

Price: 15.99