We fade in on a pissed off Jinx telling the cameras about her sister getting beat up by Sumiko…for no reason whatsoever!  Not only that, but Sumiko took a video of the beatdown and posted it online for all to see.  She hears Sumiko approaching and hides…and we see the lovely Japanese bully walk in smiling as she admires her post (and the many likes it’s getting).  Jinx attacks, trapping Sumiko in a reverse grapevine/sleeper combo that puts her out!   Jinx grabs some rope to tie her up but Sumiko retaliates, slamming her head into the bed and knocking her out with a camel clutch/handsmother KO combo!  The devious diva grabs get phone and starts taking selfies with Jinx’s unconscious body, smiling and preening as Jinx slowly comes to behind her.

Jinx attacks with some hairpulling and a body scissors but Sumiko reverses it into one of her own.    Jinx escapes and straddles her sister’s tormentor.  She furiously chokes her out with her bare hands and takes control.  Jinx proceeds to enjoy some well-deserved vengeance as she destroys Sumiko with a variety of moves and tactics, including: hair pulling to a surfboard, bow and arrow, neck scissors, face down neck scissors KO, a matchbook pin, camel clutch, head slams, forced face into bed smother KO, Japanese strangle lock KO, dragon sleeper KO, standard neck scissors KO, arm checks, taunting,  body scissors/full nelson, double handsmother KO and some ragdolling before grabbing her rope…

We fade in on Sumiko tied to the bed, spread eagled and unconscious as Jinx approaches with her phone.  Sumiko comes to, terrified and humiliated as Jinx takes dozens of selfies and video for her to post.  Jinx then leaves her there, defeated and struggling to get out of her binds.

(includes alternate JAW PUNCH KO ending)



Length: 24 min

Price: 18.99