Yet another one of Bambi’s super-fans commissions a private session with the lovely brunette, and this time it’s the stunning COCO!!!

We fade in on a nervous Coco as she waits for Bambi to enter her session room.  The two meet and Coco geeks out.  She confesses her secret desire for getting dominated by Bambi’s legs and feet as she admires the star’s physique.  Bambi smiles as she asks Coco if she’s SURE she wants a full one-sided session.  The lovely Latina can barely contain herself as she says yes, leading a very short grappling opening that leads to Coco’s body trapped between Bambi’s thighs.   She begs for more and Bambi obliges, squeezing until the air leaves Coco and she falls into a deep sleep.   What follows is the session of Coco’s DREAMS as Bambi toys with her, knocking her out cold over and over until a final forced foot smother leaves Coco out, her face used as a resting place for Bambi’s soles as she too takes a peaceful nap!


multiple scissors
multiple KOs
body scissors KO
sitting straddle thigh choke KO
limb checks
straight neck scissors
figure four neck scissors KO
playful trash talk
reverse neck scissors
reverse figure four neckscissors KO
scissor neck drop / post KO attacks
overkill attacks
KNEELING reverse figure four neckscissors KO
elevated neck scissors KO
pulling double foot throat choke (with drool) KO
straight neck scissors / figure four neckscissors drooling KO
figure four neck drops
face first neckscissors / face down
face down figure four drooling KO
face down neck drops / overkill attacks
standing neckscissors KO
derri “air” KO pose
CODE OF SILENCE side figure four neckscissors KO
final forced double foot smother (face down) KO
double foot / soles on face pose as both ladies nap


Length:  27 min
Price:  21.99