We fade in as Bambi Buttons challenges SK to a belly punching contest after watching him destroy several other wrestlers with attacks to that very area.  Confident that she can outdo the fallen, Bambi asks SK to exchange some body blows until somebody drops.  SK grins as he points to “someone” standing behind Bambi, distracting her long enough to slam a fist deep into her belly!   Bambi groans and drops like a stone, leaving SK open to add yet another notch to his “destroyed opponents list.”  He takes Bambi down with multiple brutal belly attacks, eventually leaving her out cold in her bikini as the camera catches her slowly coming to and groaning in pain AND defeat!


MULTIPLE uppercuts to the belly
belly punching
solar plexus KOs
stomps to the belly
knees to the belly
wall attacks
belly splashes
shirt/skirt removal to a bikini
over the knee backbreaker with elbow attacks
shoe/boot attacks to the belly
double punches to the kidneys
instant replays
eye crossing and eye rolling
final MASSIVE spit take belly blow
slow motion REPLAY
over the shoulder carry
post KO belly blows
Bambi is left unconscious and comes to in agony…



Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99