Inspired by 2017’s “GLOW” series (and the original show itself), this astounding pro battle features the beautiful RYAN (making her SKW mat room debut) facing off against EDEN in an intense back and forth contest!   We fade in on both ladies entering to their own music, posing for the cameras only to start stretching in their corners…staring each other down.   Without uttering a single word (there’s zero dialogue in order to recreate a ring-side feel), both ladies tear into each other, exchanging holds, moves, and finishers until one skilled wrestler lays under her opponent’s boot, feebly groaning and moaning  during the final victory pose!   Here’s the breakdown:

The ladies lock up with Eden taking Ryan into a headlock/headlock take down.  Ryan counters with a neck scissors but Eden breaks out.  The two stand and Eden nails to arm drags that stun Ryan, followed by leg drops to the gut and belly blows against the wall.  Ryan reverses and slams Eden into the wall, delivering her own gut punishment!   In control, Ryan slams Eden to the mats and tortures her with a camel clutch, two body slams, and a hair pull…but Eden nails a low blow that drops Ryan like a stone.

Furious, Eden nails a running wall splash and a near pin that Ryan kicks out of.  Eden lands some serious belly splashes that keep Ryan weak and goes for another failed pin, followed by an EXTREME boston crab / single leg combo that leads to a completely bent Ryan taking a BOOT to the back as Eden stretches her to her breaking point.  She refuses to submit, however, and Eden  moves on to a brutal camel clutch / hairpull combo that turns into a sudden surfboard/ backbend / body scissors KO!  Eden goes for yet ANOTHER failed pin and applies a body scissors, but Ryan traps her ankle in with a reverse scissors and forces a screaming Eden to let go.  The all-American girl traps the Puerto Rican Princess in a standing KO bearhug, tossing Eden to the mats and following up with several leg drops to the chest!

A smiling Ryan continues, tapping Eden in an airplane spin that leaves the lovely Latina dazed…only to take a sudden EAT DEFEET KO!  Ryan goes for the pin but Eden kicks out!  A sudden eye rake turns the tables, with Eden trapping Ryan in a sleeper, but the more experienced brunette drops Eden with a chinbreaker!   Her patience having run its course, Ryan grabs Eden and runs her thumb across her own throat right before dropping her opponent with a sudden TOMBSTONE piledriver!   A convulsing Eden is OUT cold, and ready for a humiliating 10 count spladle pin!

Ryan stands over her defeated opponent, smiling as Eden comes to and whimpers, pawing at the boot on her chest…one that moves up and pins her face to the mats!

Your Winner:  RYAN!


Length: 15 min

Price: 11.99