Yet ANOTHER entry in this amazing series, with agents Alisa and Sumiko taking turns as attacker…and victim!

Fans of this series already know what to expect: amazing outfits, sneak attacks, over the shoulder carries, and MULTIPLE KOs via a single blow to the stomach!!!   Both fighters deliver amazing over the top performances until a final bathroom/bedroom battle leaves one girl completely out and the other victorious as the camera fades to black!


tranq gun attacks
multiple solar plexus blow KOs
OTS/ over the shoulder carries
HOM (hand over mouth) smothers
sleeper holds
blackjack attacks
post black jack KO blows
derri “air” KO poses
double KO
chloroform attacks
wall slides
sleeping gas attacks
drug / syringe attacks
final tranq gun/multiple shot KO



Length: 24 min

Price: 18.99