We fade in on JINX, SUMIKO, and LUCY PURR looking absolutely stunning in matching shiny red bikinis! As they do a bit of posing they let Sleeperkid know that they have decided to form a stable called the Asian Persuasion!  SK advises them that while they don’t have six woman tag matches set up for them yet, he did receive an email from someone who wanted to join the stable.  In walks MINXY LI, wearing full pro style attire and boots.  The Asian Persuasion are less than accommodating to the new comer, mocking her attire and her accent, surrounding her like a pack of hyenas before they suddenly attack!

The three mean girls take turns snapmarring poor Minxy to the mat and each one has a turn putting her out with a sleeper holds, mocking her the entire time.  They drag the outnumbered grappler to her feet and Jinx and Sumiko each grab one of her arms, making her an easy target as Lucy prepares to deliver a beatdown! But Minxy suddenly grabs their hair and delivers a head smash that sandwiches Lucy between the other two ladies skulls, leaving all three to stagger and drop to the mat!

Furious at the bad attitude of her fellow Asian wrestlers, Minxy proceeds to annihilate the three bikini clad beauties, constantly berating and insulting them as she gives them the payback they deserve. The Asian Persuasion are subjected to a brutal beating before Minxy decides to finish this via a series of Tombstone piledrivers that leave all three of her opponents twitching ragdolls on the mat.  Minxy claims a ten count pin and victory pose over each of three knocked out beauties as she announces that from now on she will be known as the “Asian Slayer”.  She is even courteous enough to tidy up the room, carrying all three limp opponents to one corner of the mat and stacking them atop one another before striking a final victory pose!



Snap Mare
Seat Sleeperhold KO (multiple)
Tongue Protrusion
Three Girls “Stacked” Camel Clutch
Body Punching
Three Girl “Stacked” Wall Splash
Trash Talk
Tombstone Piledriver KO
Over the Shoulder Carries
Body Stacking


Length: 30 min

Price: 23.99