Folks, you are in for a real treat as we open up the SKW vault to bring you a blast from the past in the very first meeting between the ravishing ARIEL X and our own sultan of slumber, SLEEPERKID!

It seems these two were in the midst of a discussion regarding the various merits of Ariel’s grappling based techniques versus SK’s pro style moves and have agreed to a friendly contest to see who comes out on top!  Starting on their knees, the two wrestlers start their match and Ariel proves why she is a world renowned grappling queen. She quickly runs SK through a series of moves ranging from body scissors and full nelsons to a dragon sleeper and finally a devasting straight arm bar that forces the Kid to tap out!

Now given Ariel’s well-earned reputation, it would be easy to assume that having gained an early advantage she would dominate poor SK from here on out but folks, this is SKW and if you don’t respect pro style on these mats, you are probably going to end up napping on these mats.  Ariel wastes no time in trying to get on the Kid’s back but he snap mares her to the mat and works her over with a litany of stomps and a nasty series of submission holds of his own.  An ankle lock, surfboard, and Boston Crab are all used to wear down Ariel and set her up for the Kid’s signature sleeper!  Ariel weakly reaches her arms out from pure instinct but there are no ropes to force a breaking of the hold and out she goes!

It’s all SK from this point on as he quickly shows that while Ariel X might be a great competitor in her own right, she is also an amazing jobber when things don’t go her way. Poor Ariel is put through the wringer with a variety of submission holds that leave her easy prey for two more knock outs (courtesy of a Cobra Clutch and lifting Bear Hug respectively) before the Kid decides it’s time to end their first meeting with a little something special.  Before she can do anything to stop him, the groggy Ariel is hoisted up and SPIKED to the mat in a lightning fast PILEDRIVER.  Its lights out from there as Sleeperkid covers the once proud Ms. X for an easy three count pin.



Length: 11 Minutes

Price: $7.99