Match # 1: Keri vs Arden (with Ivy Sloan)

Keri and Arden face off in a PILEDRIVERS only battle (with referee Ivy Sloan)…and here’s the breakdown:

Round one: Arden attacks with a standing sleeper but Keri slams her into a nearby wall, she flips her to the mats and nails her first PILEDRIVER KO, with Ivy checking Arden’s limp arm to make sure she’s out!   Keri goes for an easy pin.

Round two: Keri wears Arden down with a bearhug and nails a TOMBSTONE piledriver for the pin and win.

Round three: Keri is on top of her game, weakening Arden with a standing sleeper hold and a standard PILEDRIVER KO.  Ivy talks smack but checks her buddy Arden’s arms for the KO, leaving another pin for Keri!

Round four: Arden manages to slam Keri against the wall and wear her down with belly blows.  She goes for piledriver but Keri sweeps her legs out, trapping her in a figure four leglock.  In pain, Arden can’t fight back as Keri delivers a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver for yet another pin!

Round five:  Arden surprises Keri with a sudden X-Factor KO but Ivy tells her she has to win via piledriver.  Arden wakes Keri up only to receive a fist to the gut, leading to yet ANOTHER piledriver KO from Keri!  Not satisfied, Keri drops her AGAIN in a tombstone for yet another KO as an angry Ivy watches.   Keri goes for her final pin and victory pose but Ivy suddenly takes her out with a huge belt shot to the face!!!

We fade in on the lovely Ivy posing over both KO’ed wrestlers as the camera fades to black!

Match # 2: Arden vs Jacquelyn Velvets

Jacquelyn and Arden square off in a killer multi fall battle (no referee this time), and here’s the breakdown:

Arden starts off strong with multiple belly blows that wind Jacquelyn, followed by splashes, body slams, a jumping DDT KO, and an attempted pin but Jacquelyn manages to kick out!  Jacquelyn reverses the action and goes for a piledriver but can’t get Arden up.  She slams her opponent into the wall and angrily beats on the brunette’s belly, wearing her down with a snap mare, belly splashes, and a neck scissors KO!  Jacquelyn goes for a pin but Arden barely makes the kickout!  Arden delivers a fierce blow to Jacquelyn’s belly and takes control.  She goes for a piledriver but Jacquelyn reverses with a belly blow!  Jacquelyn uses nearly all her remaining strength to finally lift Arden up in a brutal PILEDRIVER!

She drops Arden on her skull, knocking her out cold instantly.  She goes for a tired pin but Arden KICKS OUT.  Furious, Jacquelyn continues to dominate with an additional standard piledriver KO, and FOUR back to back TOMBSTONE piledriver KOs.  Satisfied, Jacquelyn wakes Arden up and delivers a final TOMBSTONE for the pin…and the WIN!!!


Length: 22 min

Price: 17.99