In this unofficial sequel to POOR ANDIE, we fade in as the lovely Andie Perez starts off with an impressive beatdown on seasoned pro star Rock-C!   We see a steel chair in the background and it becomes evident that the young rookie used it to sneak attack her stronger opponent.  Regardless, Andie pounds Rock-C’s belly, flips her to the mats, and outs her out with an impressive wall-assisted sleeper hold!  She goes for the pin but changes her mind, deciding to make a name for herself with an even more brutal beating!   She stands Rock-C up and gives her a massive X-Factor that lands the pro star on the steel chair!  Rock-C is OUT and Andie is finally satisfied as she goes for the pin.

Rock-C’s partner Tiffany Roxx suddenly appears, stomping Andie and knocking her out with a brutal TOMBSTONE.  Tiffany had been watching and became enraged when the brash young wrestler refused to pin her after the first sleeper.  The two pros are now on their feet, angry, and ready to make an example out of Andie Perez.  And that they do, repeatedly torturing and knocking the stunned jobber out, until a final set of KOs seal her fate!!!


tombstone piledriver KO
multiple KOs
2 vs 1 attacks
head slams to the steel chair KO
chair shot to the face KO
multiple ground shots with a steel chair KO
double SUPER kick (off the chair) KO
back to back sleeper holds
arm checks
belly attacks
belly punching
foot on throat choke
multiple wall splashes to a KO
multiple leg drops
post KO leg drops
over the knee backbreaker with belly claw
backbreaker/choke KO
camel clutch / boston crab combo
figure four leglock/figure four neckscissors KO combo
double stunner KO
TWO fireman’s stunner KOs
bearhug KO
heart attack clothesline KO
double head crusher KO with drool
multiple forearms to the face
final ten count pin


Length: 32 min

Price: 23.99