Get ready for some fantastic mixed action as the beautiful CONSTANCE gets on the mats to take on the one and only SLEEPERKID in a match with an interesting twist to it!

We’ve seen the Kidd in plenty of matches like this but often they stem from the ladies wanting to challenge him and more often than not coming to regret that decision.  In this case however, sweet Constance has REQUESTED to be on the receiving end of the Kidd’s legendary sleepers.  It seems she wants to full experience what it’s like to be put out and who better to do it?  SK makes sure to remind Constance that once things get going, he probably won’t stop and his willing victim is more than ok with that.

Constance proceeds to receive a lesson in knock outs from the best in the business, being sent off to dream land with a wide variety of tactics that often leave her in a sleepy stupor where she is little more than a ragdoll.  Sleeper Kid casually explains each hold to her as he puts her out, at times even letting her wake up mid hold only to reapply.

Constance continually asks for more and as the coup de grace, the Kidd advises her to try and struggle as he applies his text book sleeper.  Her toned legs slide on the mat as she squirms in his grip before slowly succumbing as the Kidd makes her ask to be put to sleep before he lets her drift away for the night, leaving her sleeping form spread eagled on the mats.



Sleeperhold KO
Limb checks
Dizzy/Confused reactions
One handed choke on the mat KO
OTS carrying
Dragon Sleeper KO
Sock Removal
Sleepy talk
Sock strangle KO
Wall choke KO
Eye checks
Knee to neck carotid into triangle choke KO
Requesting to be KO’d Sleepy Talk
Kiss of death HOM smother KO
Headscissor KO



Length: 22 min

Price: 15.99