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The absolutely phenomenal COCO makes her SKW debut in this fabulous mixed match and who better to welcome her to the family than our very own SLEEPERKID!!!

We open on SK conversing with the camera and relating that he’s been waiting on Coco for over 30 minutes! It seems our lovely visitor has been talking trash about how good she is at sleeper holds and how she is going to destroy not only SK but also all of the ladies on the SKW roster.

SK is so busy telling us this that he doesn’t see Coco (wearing an incredible blue bikini and thigh high socks) sneak up on him and lock on a tight sleeper hold.  However it seems she underestimated her opponent as SK deftly uses some elbows to break free and reverse the hold.  Coco squirms and desperately tries to escape but the hold is perfectly applied and she slowly fades away.
SK decides this cocky girl needs a lesson and proceeds to provide her an education in sleepers like she’s never seen, repeatedly knocking Coco out with a wide variety of holds and racking up point after point as he either pins or limb checks her after each KO.  Coco struggles mightily as each hold is applied (seriously, you NEED to see look of panic on her face and the way this wrestler sells a sleeperhold because it is OUTSTANDING!) but it is all for naught as each time she is reduced to a limp and sleeping rag doll.

After a clinic of Sleeper Hold tactics, SK decides it’s time to finally put poor Coco out for the night.  He wakes her just long enough for the final humiliation of making her request to be put to sleep before applying his trademark Sleeper and ending this lesson.  While it might not have been the warmest welcome to SKW for poor Coco, it is definitely a great debut for the fans and one that we are sure will have people begging for Coco’s return!



Multiple Sleeper Hold KOs
Limb limp checks
Over the Shoulder Carry
Sock Removal
Belly Claw
Sock Strangle KO
Matchbook Five Count Pin
Reverse Dragon Sleeper KO
Body Dragging
One Hand Choke KO
Kiss of Death Front Sleeper/Smother KO
Standing Dragon Sleeper KO
Prolonged Final seated Sleeper Hold KO


Length: 17 min

Price: 13.99