We fade in on the visiting Jordynne Grace in the middle of an interview talking about how she utterly destroyed and embarrassed Alisa Kiss in their last match.   But Jordynne’s reminiscing is cut short when she is suddenly sneak attacked by a steel chair wielding Alisa!!  The blonde is out for blood and makes great use of the foreign object to work over Jordynne before taking some wind out of the bigger pro’s sails with some vicious body punching and a tight Sleeperhold.

 Jordynne tries to resist but already weakened, she quickly start to fade.  Alisa verifies her opponent is out and goes for a cocky pin in hopes of the 10 count required to end the match but Jordynne manages to kick out.  But Alisa is still in control, and after a short clothesline, reverse headscissor, and DEVASTATING DDT, she goes for the pin only to have Jordynne manage to escape defeat yet again.  Frustrated Alisa goes for a piledriver but the professional powerhouse picks her up and reverses into a cradle drop. Now it’s Alisa’s turn up to take some lumps as Jordynne gets a measure of revenge with some great striking offense, a wall splash (with instant replay) and a Dragon Sleeper.  But after the viciousness of Alisa’s sneak attack, Jordynne is in no mood to show mercy!

She puts the blonde through a tight Sleeperhold and brutal Bearhug before a few body splashes are used to take all the wind out of Alisa.  A Reverse STO from Jordynne leaves Alisa out cold and face down on the mat but it’s still not enough and after a cocky pin attempt, Jordynne pulls up her opponent at the count of 9.

In an effort for payback, she picks up the steel chair and attempts to take the blonde wrestler’s head off!! But somehow Alisa has the wherewithal to duck the swing and kicks the chair right into Jordynne’s face!  Alisa takes full advantage of her lucky break, dragging the pro up before landing a brutal X FACTOR ON THE CHAIR!   The 10 count pin is a foregone conclusion at this point and Alisa takes a hard earned, if ill gotten, victory pose over the unconscious Jordynne.



Length: 13 min

Price: 9.99