Featuring the SKW debut of 6’1 AMAZON ANNIE!!!

We fade in on the powerful Annie telling the world that she can’t find a single decent challenger at SKW.  Takaiji hears this and happily challenges the brash newcomer, who seems impressed by her physique.  They compare biceps and hand-sizes before beginning the match, and here’s the rundown:

The two Amazons attack with a dual bearhug that slowly wears them both down until they collapse!  Annie makes her way up first, however, and goes on the attack.  She wear Takaiji down with huge blows to the belly, a running Avalanche wall splash KO, running belly to belly splashes, post KO splashes, and a final splash that Takaiji suddenly reverses!   Annie lands across Takaiji’s knees, knocking the wind out of herself, and the SKW badass takes control.

Takaiji traps Annie in a sleeper hold for a perfect KO and goes on the offensive.  She wears Annie down with brutal belly blows of her own, followed by an amazing 6’4 standing wall choke KO, forearm smashes, a drooling skull crusher KO, a near pin, standing boston crab, and a hair pull.  Annie delivers a sudden low blow and traps Takaiji in a sleeper, but the purple-haired powerhouse reverses with a chin buster!   Having had enough, Takaiji delivers a towering EAT DEFEAT finisher that floors Annie…following up with a massive belly to belly splash AND a flying knee strike to the skull to make sure her opponent stays down.  Takaiji applies a chokeout pin for the final 10 count, standing triumphantly over the stunned Annie!


Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99