EXHAUSTION: episode 9

You may have thought there was no way to top the absolutely incredible EXHAUSTION 8.  Fans, you would be wrong!  This entry ranks not only at the top of the EXHAUSTION series but as one of the best ever seen at SKW PERIOD!

We start this battle in progress with Sumiko already trying to finish off Anne-Marie with a reverse throat straddle choke. As she finally secures the ten count pin and passes out herself from sheer exhaustion, we hear SK relate that they’ve already been at it for THREE HOURS! The two hypnotized combatants are forced to keep fighting all over the entire house!

As we’ve seen in the past, they find themselves waking up in new attire but we get a new spin as this time our ladies wake up in color coordinated outfits and MMA gloves! Then it’s an epic bedroom battle but these two aren’t ready to be tucked in yet! By the time you would think they can’t take anymore, the finale comes in an epic shower fight DOUBLE KO!

Anne-Marie and Sumiko provide utterly stellar performances that are beyond compare and among the best of their storied careers!  There is no doubt you are going to LOVE this match!

Instant Replays
Sleepy/Groggy moaning/speaking
Front Face Lock KO
Low Blow
Split Leg Hip Drops
Hypnosis induction
Face punches
Multiple belly splashes to a KO
Multiple overkill KOs
Post KO attacks
Sleeper hold KOs
Tongue protrusion
Eye rolling
Body to body splash double KO
Over the top KO expressions
POV arm checks
Multiple wrestling gear/attire
Multiple leg drops to the neck KO
Post KO leg drops to the neck
Derri “air“ KO poses
Multiple belly punching
Belly splashes against the wall
Head smash KO
Double KO body piles
MMA striking battle
Multiple belly MMA glove blows
Multiple MMA face punches
Uppercut blow
Floor face punches
Faint KO body pile
Fight in the bedroom, on the bed
Elbow strikes/forearm strikes
Reverse neck scissors with belly punching
Face first neck scissor with counter belly punching
Figure four neckscissor
OTS carry to the shower
Face Press/Nerve press to shower door KO
Shower battle
Double bearhug KO
Shower belly punching
Shower sleeper hold/exhaustion Double KO
Final double shower body pile


LENGTH:  59 min

PRICE:  34.99