When you put Saya Savage and Caroline Pierce on the mat together, you are already going to get fireworks.  But when they are in a multi-fall KO’s/Ten Count pin match, you are guaranteed a hell of a good time!  Both of these proud ladies look incredible in their shiny bikinis and are full of confidence as we kick off this stellar match!

Round One: Caroline might be a relative newcomer to SKW but she knows her way around the mats and she takes control early with a hammerlock.  However, Saya has always been a quick study herself and after a fast reversal she has Caroline on the mat, screaming in pain from a figure four leg lock!  From there Saya gets her up against the wall and works her over (including an AWESOME cartwheeling wall splash) before turning the blue clad beauty’s lights out with a picture perfect sleeper followed by the pin! Your winner: Saya

Round Two: Caroline isn’t about to let Saya get two in a row on her and wears Saya down with some body punching, a devastating DDT, and a Sleeper of her own. However, she opts to ensure Saya is the victim of a bit of humiliation and instead of the Sleeper KO, makes use of her “assets”.  With a groggy Saya on her knees Caroline slams her booty into the side of her opponents head to knock her silly and picks up the equalizing point with an embarrassing spladle pin!  Winner: Caroline.

Round Three: After the way that round went Saya is out for blood and soon she has Caroline on the mats and is testing her opponent’s famous flexibility to the limits!  She clamps on a traditional neck scissor but increases the pain factor by grabbing Caroline’s legs and bending them up towards her head! From there she gets even more creative, folding Caroline up like a bow and using her own shins to choke her out and get back the lead!  Winner: Saya

Round Four:  As we start this round both ladies agree to play things a bit more in accordance with the rule book but that only lasts until Caroline lands a vicious low blow to Saya to get the advantage and follows up with stomps and a nasty X factor that leaves the gold bikini gladiatrix dazed on the mat.  Caroline goes for the pin but Saya still has some life in her. Caroline moves her to the wall and a wall splash has Saya nearly out with only the wall to hold her up.  Caroline goes back to her earlier tactic and uses a bit of “Cheek to Cheek” action (in the form of a running hip attack against the wall) to leave Saya helpless to stop the second pin attempt. Winner: Caroline

Round Five:  Caroline seeks to press the advantage with an immediate sleeper attempt but Saya counters with a crafty jawbreaker and a reverse neck scissors! Caroline tries to counter with a sleeper of her own and it becomes a race to see who can put the other out first. Unfortunately for both ladies, they only succeed in mutual destruction and after a count from SK, this round ends in a draw!

Round Six: Sudden Death time! Both these ladies are clearly groggy and feeling the effects of this war. Saya takes over and seems to have it in the bag as she uses a reverse throat straddle to nearly put her opponent away and get the pin but Caroline kicks out.  After a scramble and low blow, she manages to hoist Saya up for a match ending Tombstone piledriver and ten count pin! However, she is unable to enjoy the hard earned victory and immediately after winning passes out in exhaustion atop her humbled opponent!

Your Winner: Caroline!


LENGTH: 25 min

PRICE:  19.99