SENTRY GIRLS: SESSION 71 (added on 7/3/17)

An amazing custom sentry battle featuring ANNE-MARIE and VIKA!

Two agents are tasked with taking each other out for their bosses in separate VR programs.  Russian badass Vika (speaking in her native tongue) and Anne-Marie take each other out with skill, glee, and gusto through multiple KO segments and sneak attacks…each one leading with a victorius agent standing over her fallen opponent.  A final evaluation is followed by a sudden double POV KO, but not before both lethal ladies have shown the world what they’re capable of!


multiple KOs
sneak attacks
sleeper hold KO
over the shoulder carries
neck snaps
derri “air” KO poses
victory poses
face punch KO
dragon sleeper/neck snap combo
head blow KO (brick)
overkill neck snaps
limb checks
tranquilizer KOs
rope chokeout
tongue protrusion
chloroform KO
Anne’s body propped over a wooden post (OTS style)
tazer attack
sleeping gas KO
syringe drug KO
pressure point freeze attack
frozen punchout KO
frozen posing
blackjack attacks
self-punches to the face
final double sleeping gas KO
(outtakes included)


Length: 25 min

Price: 19.99