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In an effort to sharpen her sentry-hunting skills before embarking on a vital mission, Agent Cammy is put through a barrage of "sentry attack" virtual reality segments designed around a single enemy guard (played by Hannah Perez).  Over the course of multiple attacks, Cammy (played by Alisa Kiss) takes Hannah out in a myriad of creative ways...and even suffers a KO after a chloro attack from the pink-clad sentry!  In the end, the lone sentry is no match for Cammy...and a final machine gunning ends it VR program once and for all!

sleeper hold KO
OTS carry
judo flip
neck snap
punch to the jaw
KO kick to the gut
butt in the air KO pose
snap kick to the face
stomp to the skull finishing move
double karate chop to the neck
face down reverse neckscissors KO
multiple tranq dart shots to the belly
several "kill shots" to the fallen victim with twitching
dragging scene
blackjack strike
rope choke (tongue out) KO
chloro attack
syringe KO
double KO
pressure point chopstick attack
"frozen" body acting
pressure point belly jab KO
frozen "statue" KO
hypno gloves hypnosis
victim forced to exercise, do leg lifts, crunches, and perform a self KO by running into the wall
final machine gun attack
machine gunning victim while she lies on the mats
and more...

(includes alternate takes/KOs)


Length: 18 min

Price (USD): $USD 17.99

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