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We fade in on the Lovely Lacey with a KO'ed Eliza trapped in her guillotine choke, only yo have SK enter the scene and realize that he's gotta watch one of his star wrestlers get completely manhandled and ragdolled by one of wrestling's most popular combatants!  For the entire clip, Eliza is out cold, eyes rolled into the back of her head...her slight grunts and groans the only indicators of life, all while Lacey puts her in move after move, going so far as to cover her face with a chloro-soaked mask as she tightens a pointless sleeper hold!

Lacey refuses Sleeperkid's requests to release the defeated Eliza, but once the KO'ed girl starts drooling on her opponent, Lacey releases her...leaving SK behind to wake the poor girl up (unsuccessfully)...as we fade to black!


Length: 11 min

Price (USD): $USD 10.99

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