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Fans of mixed FEMALE domination:  STAY THE HELL AWAY from this one.

Seriously.  There's not a single scene featuring a woman scissoring an overweight dude for 30 minutes straight.  We promise.

(This is the part where we wink and grin)

Seriously, though...this is one of the most intense one-sided mixed matches we've yet to shoot (from a fan's custom script), and there's really no way to describe how GOOD Sumiko is at selling the beatdown.  She just...ROCKS!!!

From the opening promo to the final KO, The Machine (who later reveals himself to be...well, YOU know) completely devastates his lovely rival, nailing two NEVER BEFORE SEEN finishers that drop Sumiko like a rock!!!  The final pin ends it all for the once-boastful Japanese fighter, but not before mixed male-domination fans get what they want...AND MORE!


stunner KO
atomic drops
choke slam KO
leg drops to belly
snap mares
implant DDT KO
massive double suplex KO
neckbreaker KO
belly claw
piledriver KO
power bomb KO
tombstone KO
belly splash
pedigree KO
single knee-face drop KO
heart punch/face kick KO finisher
10 count KO pin
stunner KO
and more...


Length: 10 min

Price (USD): $USD 9.99

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