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Featuring STEPHANIE STAR vs CAMERON in one HELL of a pro battle!

The usually over-powering Cameron takes a surprising opening volley from Stephanie Star, who uses her athleticism and pro skills to wear the SKW heel down!   Included in her barrage:

Enzuigirl kick
multiple splashes
carthwheel splash
neckscissors takedown
Code Red KO

After a failed pin, however, the brutal and angered Cameron reverses the action, nailing a piledriver KO that takes the wind out of Stephanie's sails!   What follows is a hardcore beatdown/squash...with Stephanie taking one of the most intense finishers we've seen in a long time!  Included:

piledriver KO
belly punishment
wall splash KO
X-Factor KO
belly splashes
running body slam
multiple body slams
bearhug KO
leg drop
standing vertical suplex
choke slam KO
DOUBLE tombstone KO
MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE KO (flips Starr backwards and onto her belly!)
and more...


Length: 9 min

Price (USD): $USD 8.99

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