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In this brutal mixed match, the beautiful ONYX (formerly WOW's Bronco Billie) takes on the Bossman himself in what turns out to be a back and forth battle for supremacy...one whose end may NOT be the one you expect!

Both wrestlers give as good as they take with Sleeperkid delivering his faves, including: eye rake, arm wringer, armlocks, DDT, modified leglock, head smash, belly blows, snap mare, sleeper hold KO, figure four leglock, stunner KO, surfboard, standing surfboard, and a torture rack.

...but Onyx stands her ground, going through her own repertoire of brutal tactics, including: headlocks, scissors, chokes, headlock, pin attempts, figure four neckscissors KO, camel clutch, armlock/scissors, and more...

...finally, both wrestlers go for the SAME brutal move, a high risk neckbreaker that claims BOTH Onyx and SK, leaving them completely out cold on the mats.  After 10 seconds pass, our camera girl calls it a tie!!


Length: 11 min

Price (USD): $USD 9.99

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