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The lovely Addie Juniper and Natasha face off in this awesome submissions battle that can only end with one wrestler screaming the required "I GIVE" to the others' attack!  This one's close, guys, and Natasha takes inital control with a brutal stunner that leaves Addie dazed on the mats.  She follows up with belly attacks, snap mares, body slams, body splashes, running snap mares, a brutal camel clutch, and a vicious figure four leglock that gets released and re applied.  Natasha never gets her submission, but she relishes every single second of the figure four, finally releasing a non-compliant Addie.

Addie's anger shows, however, as she lands a sneaky blow to Natasha's gut and basically returns every favor Natasha delivered in the 1st half of this clip, nailing splashes, belly attacks, a suplex, a bearhug, camel clutch, and her OWN figure four leglock...one that's also re-applied after Natasha barely escapes!

This time around it's ADDIE who finally hears the words of submission pour out of Natasha's screaming lips...words that she happily ignores, leaving us to fade out on a brutalized and pain-soaked Natasha!


Length: 14 min

Price (USD): $USD 13.99

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