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As the lovely Kelly prepares to referee her 1st SKW pro tag battle, the team of Alice and Rain show up and offer her a little bribe...an offer she happily takes!  Fading into the fight, we see why the girls went for such a cheat: their opponents are none other than Fantasy and Faith, two SKW vets looking forward to a one sided bash!

As the match begins, the veterans take charge, beating the new girls down.  A sudden reversal, however, leads to some 2 on 2 belly punching that morphs into a double camel clutch that Kelly watches with a smile.  Soon enough, the ref wants in on the action, delivering two massive chair-to-the-head KO shots that leave Fantasy and Faith out cold on the mats!  After each girl takes their time pinning each fallen wrestler, the trio celebrates, bragging to the camera...as the formerly sleepy vets stands up behind them, shaking the cobwebs from their heads and revealing stares of unbridled fury!

The attack begins, and now its the NEW girls on the losing end!  The ladies are slammed into each other, and Rain takes a KO first via some belly blows and TWO X-FACTORS!  Next, Kelly is KO'ed via a double scissors, with Alice following  her via a brutal 2-in-a-row DDT KO!

After that, Faith and Fantasy decide to finish up with a tombstone piledriver for Rain, an IMPLANT BUSTER on Alice, and two back-to-back chair shots to Kelly's cheating skull!

All that's left is a pileup and a pin, folks...but what a match!!


Length: 16 min

Price (USD): $USD 15.99

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