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Shot during our last trip to Phoenix, this FORTRESS-style release features Devon as the leader of a bank robbing trio hiding out in luxurious penthouse suite.  After catching her underlings sleeping on the job, Devon schools both ladies with punches, belly blows, and KO sleeper holds.  Hours later, she tells them to keep their eyes peeled, as they only need to wait one more day before they can leave the country.

Enter SK as a hired gun sent by the bank (controlled by mobsters!!) to reclaim the loot.  And thus begins a Game of Death style story, with Sleeperkid fighting his way past both lackeys (played by the lovely Kelsi and Helena) only to face off against Devon in our very first outdoor climactic battle (110 degree weather sucked, btw)!

SK's fight vs Kelsi is slightly one-sided, with the novice blonde taking belly blows, KOs, punchouts, bearhug, OTS carry, sleeper hold, and more...leading to a frustrated SK leaving her out cold against the wall as he searches the rest of the place.  He finds a sleeping Helena, but a sudden snap kick to his face tells the mercenary that she's playing possum! 

Helena and SK's battle is a brutal affair, with both fighters going all out in their efforts to completely destroy each other!  Kicks, punches, KOs, chokeouts, head slams, camel clutches, submissions, belly blows, and even a piledriver make their presence known, as Sleeperkid has to fight an uphill battle to gain the slightest advantage!  After a final rally, SK scores the final KO...but still no loot.  He finally tracks bossgirl Devon to the Penthouse rooftop, where the final battle begins!

Devon and SK exchange kicks, punches, reversals, and painful submission attempts, but it's Sleeperkid who eventually wears her down with mutliple punches and a final sleeper that leaves her open to a fireman's carry that takes her back to the living room.  All three girls are now lined up, and SK interrogates each one, happily rendering any girl that doesn't tell him what he wants to hear unconscious.  After choking Devon out and putting Helena down with yet another sleeper hold, it's Kelsi who finally spills the beans, telling SK where the money is hidden.  One karate chop to the neck later and Kelsi is out, with all three ladies left to doze until the cops arrive...



To top it all off, an amazing 2 on 1 battle erupts when Devon and Helena take Kelsi apart, piece by piece, in one hell of a mat match!

 For a full photo preview of this awesome squash, go to: FEMWRESTLINGROOMS.COM's official PHOTO STORY

Outtakes included!


Length: 53 min

Price (USD): $USD 29.99

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