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This amazing battle between two of SKW's freshest faces starts off with Fiona in control, slamming a boot into Natasha's gut and nailing an instant stunner KO!   Fiona keeps the pain coming, terrorizing Natasha with a sleeper hold, backbreaker, bearhug, and a brutal piledriver KO!

When Natasha kicks out of her pin, however, a sudden belly blow turns the tables, allowing Natasha to take out her new found anger via a sleeper of her own, followed by a camel clutch, leg nelson, figure four neckscissors, belly blows, belly splashes, a stunner, and her final finishing move: a brutal neckbreaker called "The NatasaCide!"

It's curtains for Fiona as the final pin is counted, and the victory pose lets us fade to black!


Length: 12 min

Price (USD): $USD 11.99

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