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We fade in on SK happily announcing the arrival of new girl GWEN to SKW, telling the camera just how pleased he is that the talented Stephanie Star accepted his request to train her.  We suddenly see the two ladies in question sneak up on the boss, however, taking him down and assaulting him with various stomps!  A pair of bone crunching scissors follow, with SK struggling to remain conscious as the girls stand him up for a power move. 

A sudden reversal from SK, however, leads to a forced girl-to-girl head butt, sending both attackers KOed to the mats.  An angered SK gets his breath back and decides to turn what was supposed to be a friendly welcome into a demonstration of why you DON'T mess with the CEO!

What follows is a 1 on 2 squash featuring at least FOUR different types of piledrivers, each one decimating its victim as SK sprinkles some other moves in between (including a bearhug, double chokeout, and more)!  The finale is one we've never seen here at SKW, with the Kid attempting a DOUBLE TOMBSTONE on Stephanie, one where he refuses to let go of his victim after the first drop, standing up with her in his grip for a follow up driver!

Piledriver fans, this one's for you!

Length: 13 min

Price (USD): $USD 12.99

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