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We fade in on a match already in progress (as requested by the customer), with Sinn Sage pummeling the heck out of Natasha's belly, only to slam a brutal uppercut that knocks the brunette down and nearly out.  Saved by the bell, Natasha makes her way to her corner, looking pained yet determined to get some payback!

A sudden evasive maneuver leaves Sinn's belly open, and Natasha goes to town, pummeling Sinn's abs and face with hooks, lefts, rights, and uppercuts...turning the tide of this battle in a matter of seconds!   Sinn makes a few attempts to fight back, clinching and scoring a few shots of her own, but the match belongs to Natasha as she continuously regains the advantage.

After several rounds, Sinn is nothing but a ragdoll, open to a flurry of blows and uppercuts that continue to send her to the mats.  A final furious combo finally knocks her down and out, leaving a victorious Natasha standing over her KO'ed opponent!


Length: 11 min

Price (USD): $USD 10.99

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